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Episode 173: Honeysuckle Oolong

Honeysuckle Oolong is the second offering from Dachi Tea Company, and at first glance, the tea looks like a black tea! The dark, highly oxidized leaves kinda threw me for a loop there.

The resulting brew is light and floral with hints of white peach and a strong base of honey. Multiple steepings brought out more of that honey flavor, so it’s a great tea to sip on for a while. Give it a shot!

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Episode 188: AriZona Unsweetened Oak Brewed Tea

Here in the U.S., AriZona iced teas are everywhere. Those 99¢ tall boys have saved my bacon on many a hot day. However, AriZona teas aren’t exactly known for their flavor. So when I saw this Unsweetened Oak Brewed iced tea bottle at my neighborhood CVS, my interest was piqued.

Although it is unsweetened, there are three sweeteners in here which are used to help support the oak brewed tea. The result is a coppery and bitter brew with a sour finish. It might be good to pair with a food with vanilla or honey to bring out the oak flavor, but on its own it’s not pleasant at all.

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Episode 192: Royal Courtesan

Royal Courtesan — also known as dong ding gui fei or gui fei oolong — is a really lovely, limited edition tea from the good folks at Zhi Tea in Austin, TX. Despite the old-sounding name, this tea variety was created in 2000!

This tea is really floral with a strong taste of clover honey throughout each sip. It’s a very nice oolong with a great aroma of wildflowers and fresh grass. If you’re an oolong fan, then you want this tea in your collection.

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Episode 204: Honest Tea Organic Honey Green Tea

New challenger approaching! Honest Tea (along with Gold Peak) is owned by Coca-Cola, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the exact same tea with different branding. Today, I’m trying their organic honey green tea.

The two sweeteners in this tea — honey and cane sugar — produce a bit of a pear taste that detracts from the flavor of the green tea (which tastes a bit like salad greens). It’s not overly sweet, so I’m glad for that. If you like pears and salad, this tea might be for you!

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Episode 209: AriZona Blueberry White Tea

Flavored white tea is a bit of a crap shoot. By itself, white tea has a nice, delicate flavor. Depending on the fruit that’s added, you could just end up with fruit juice instead of a fruity-flavored tea.

AriZona’s blueberry white tea is somewhere between these two extremes. Not quite tea, but not super fruity either. The eerie indigo bottle is an interesting touch though.

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