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grape – The Year of Tea

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Episode 134: Nepalese Afternoon Tea

The last darjeeling I reviewed was kinda blah, but this one? THIS ONE? Let me tell you…transcendentally good. This Nepalese Afternoon Tea is really something special. As far as tea grades go, it’s the best of the best — SFTGFOP-1.

I’ve got nothing but good things to say about this tea — super smooth, bright in flavor, and great for an afternoon pick-me-up. Initially, I bought this as part of a sample pack from Golden Moon Tea. They don’t sell it anymore, but this Himalayan Quest from Art of Tea is a great affordable substitute.

Episode 170: Irish Breakfast

This has been a pretty Assam-heavy week, and today is no exception. I’m sipping on Adagio Teas’ Irish Breakfast, a blend of two of Adagio Teas’ other black teas — Ceylon Sonata and Assam Melody.

The ceylon really brightens and perks up the blend, giving it a nice grape-like aroma and a smooth, tangy mouthfeel. It’s definitely a good robust everyday morning black tea, but it’s also great iced as well.

Purchase Adagio Teas’ Irish Breakfast

Episode 305: Mojito Mist

You may be familiar with kombucha, but have you heard of jun? Jun is a fermented tea drink like kombucha, but instead of being made with black tea and sugar, it’s made with green tea and honey. This jun from Cultured Traditions, Mojito Mist, is a blend of green tea with mint, honey, limes, and grapes.

And guess what — it really tastes like a mojito! It’s light and acidic and the taste of mint dances on the tongue. It’s really quite delicious. If you’re in the Atlanta area, pick this up at any Whole Foods location!