Tag: Golden Moon Tea

Episode 028: White Persian Melon

Yum! If you’re a fan of cantaloupe or honeydew, then I think you’ll really enjoy Golden Moon Tea’s white persian melon.

It’s a shame they don’t sell this tea anymore, because it’s quite good. They’ve paired delicate bai mu dan with just a whisper of persian melon extract. The result is super fragrant, and it makes for a light and crisp cup of tea. Lizzy Kate’s white cantaloupe would probably be a good substitute!

Episode 039: Snow Sprout

This snow sprout white tea from Golden Moon Tea is a bit of an anomaly. On sight, it reminds me of a silver needle tea…but the leaves are tough and woody. It also has a very light flavor profile, so using the right sweetener in the right amount is key (unless you want a glass of hot sugar water).

Golden Moon Tea no longer sells this, but American Tea Room’s Ancient Snow Sprout is a good substitute. (And they call it a green tea! Weird!)