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ginseng – The Year of Tea

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Episode 209: AriZona Blueberry White Tea

Flavored white tea is a bit of a crap shoot. By itself, white tea has a nice, delicate flavor. Depending on the fruit that’s added, you could just end up with fruit juice instead of a fruity-flavored tea.

AriZona’s blueberry white tea is somewhere between these two extremes. Not quite tea, but not super fruity either. The eerie indigo bottle is an interesting touch though.

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Episode 213: AriZona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey

What can you get these days for 99 cents? Two stamps? Something from Dollar General? One thing you can definitely pick up is a tall can of AriZona green tea with ginseng and honey. (Although that may be changing soon.)

Truthfully, it’s not that bad for the price. The taste is very mellow and sweet — like honey water. Ginseng adds an earthy and ginger-y finish which complements the taste of honey and the green tea base. It’s not top shelf tea, but for 99 cents, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better tea offering at your local convenience store.

Purchase AriZona’s Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey (24 Pack)

Episode 256: Fire Ginseng

If you want a spicy, peppery cup of tea, then look no further than Rishi Tea’s Fire Ginseng. This is a lively blend of Korean red ginseng, cinnamon, ginger, licorice, pepper, and star anise. Add some orange peel and orange oil to this mix and this is practically potpourri!

Taste-wise, this is VERY strong with all these flavors, so if you’re not a fan of strong blends, you might want to pass this one up. But if you’re up to the challenge, this is a tea that’s packing some serious punch!

Purchase Rishi Tea’s Fire Ginseng

Episode 365: The Buzz

It’s the last tea of the year, so I want to go off on a high note with DAVIDsTEA’s energetic blend called “The Buzz”. This maté blend includes guarana and ginseng for that extra jolt of energy, along with fruit flavors from apple, orange, lemon, and quince. What better time to get energized than before the beginning of a new year?

The ginseng in this blend provides a nice prickly little note in the background of each sip. The spiciness is reminiscent of ginger, and the orange and lemon provide a good complement to the maté. Overall, it’s pretty good. And it did give me a buzz!

Look how far we’ve come, y’all. This has been such a fun journey, and I hope this project has helped you gain a new appreciation for tea!

Purchase DAVIDsTEA’s The Buzz