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Georgia Tea Company – The Year of Tea

Tag: Georgia Tea Company

Episode 334: Divine Temple

I recently learned about Georgia Tea Company from one of this show’s listeners, and the first blend I wanted to try was their best-selling Divine Temple. The ingredient list almost reads like something from Teavana — several green teas (darjeeling, wun yu, sencha, dragonwell, jasmine), white tea (bai mu dan), and lots of candied fruits.

All of these flavors come together surprisingly well! The mix of green and white teas provides a nice, buttery smooth base for all these candied fruit flavors to dance around on. Those nuances really become more pronounced when you let the tea cool to around 140°, so don’t be in a rush to guzzle this down while it’s hot.

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Episode 345: Snowflake

It’s mid-December here in Atlanta, but you certainly wouldn’t know it by the weather. It’s warm and rainy today, but so I wanted to sample a little bit of winter with The Georgia Tea Company’s Snowflake.

This tea smells so good! The coconut, almond, and vanilla make this blend smell like Christmas cookies. In terms of taste, it has a hearty base of black tea that really gives the blend a nice body. Add a splash of almond milk to really bring everything together. This would me a really great dessert tea!

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Episode 355: Rooibos Polar Fire

All the teas I’ve tried from The Georgia Tea Company so far have been pretty good! (And bonus points for being in the same metro area as Teavana’s headquarters — they couldn’t be more different!) The next blend from them I’m trying is Rooibos Polar Fire — a rooibos blend of orange and coconut.

This is a really tasty blend! It smells amazing and the orange adds a bit of radiant warmth to this blend even when it’s around room temperature. I had no idea this would be such a tasty combination of flavors!

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