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Design A Tea – The Year of Tea

Tag: Design A Tea

Episode 125: Beautiful Light

I’m really enjoying this unique blend from Design A Tea titled Beautiful Light. This custom blend is a mix of rooibos, vanilla, almond, ginger, and calendula petals. It’s a bagged tea, per se, but it’s actually loose leaf tea in a handy T-Sac.

This was a really enjoyable cup of tea! Lots of flavor in every sip, although the vanilla did sort of overpower the ginger and gave more of a caramel taste to the cup. I would’ve liked a bit more of a ginger punch. This particular custom blend is not for sale, but Hibiscus Healing has a ginger vanilla rooibos blend that looks like a good substitute.

Episode 187: Raspberry Zabaglione

Design A Tea is pretty unique among tea vendors because you can create your own tea blends! You might remember the vanilla ginger tea I had from them a while ago. With that sample, I made a few other custom blends. Today, I’m trying the first one — raspberry zabaglione.

This is a really nice dessert-type tea! The raspberry flavor is definitely present throughout the cup, and there is a light, sweet aftertaste of custard. It’s good hot, but it really shines when it gets to around 140° or so. Warm, but not too hot. Delizioso!

Create your own custom tea blend at Design A Tea!

Episode 212: Rum Cider

Hot apple cider with rum is a classic cold weather drink. I tried to re-create that with this blend from Design A Tea. I used rooibos as the base, and added…well…rum and cider flavors. (Hey, they’re not too descriptive on what else goes in here.)

The taste reminds me a lot of this root beer float blend I tried months ago, but with the sweetness of apple and a hint of cinnamon. Not too shabby!

Episode 237: Passionfruit Oolong

Passionfruit is one of those flavors that I really only have experience with as an artificial flavor. Because of that, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this passionfruit oolong blend I created at Design A Tea.

The oolong is of decent quality, but the prevailing taste that I got from this blend was kinda bland. There was nothing really floral or fruity about it at all; just a sour aftertaste. I’m hoping this isn’t what actual passionfruit is supposed to taste like!

Episode 247: Mango Vanilla Green Tea

Let’s keep this green tea train going! Next up is a tea blend I mixed up over at Design A Tea — mango vanilla. Based on what’s in the supplied teabag here, there’s green tea, calendula petals, and some bits of candied mango.

Overall, the vanilla taste is strong throughout this blend. It’s nice and toasty when hot, and deepens into a cream flavor when iced. But what’s missing here is the mango! There’s just a faint whisper of this in the background. That’s not a dealbreaker, but if you’ve got some candied mango bits lying around, chuck those in while brewing to amp up the flavor.