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DAVIDsTEA – The Year of Tea


Episode 324: Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait

I’ve gotten your emails, and yes — I know I haven’t reviewed any blends from DAVIDsTea…until now! I picked up a few sample packs recently, and this blend really jumped out at me first — strawberry rhubarb parfait.

For a bagged tea, the amount of rich flavor in here is really surprising! (Maybe that’s because of the yogurt-y bits in here.) Apple, beetroot, carrot, and raisin add both depth and brightness to the strawberry and rhubarb flavor. This would make a fantastic iced tea or a dessert tea. Delicious!

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Episode 329: Cardamom French Toast

Of all the hot breakfast breads out there, French toast is hands down my favorite. Soft, eggy, fluffy, and always packed with flavor. DAVIDsTEA recreated this popular breakfast item in their Cardamom French Toast blend. The ingredients list sounds good — cinnamon, coriander, lemon peel, coconut sugar, and cardamom (of course).

It tastes amazing! The coconut sugar gives a syrupy quality to the tea that really accentuates the floral cardamom and spicy cinnamon. It really does taste like French toast! I’ve gotta get some more of this!

Purchase DAVIDsTEA’s Cardamom French Toast

Episode 343: Super Ginger

The two teas from DAVIDsTEA I tried earlier were really something, so I’ve got high hopes for this Super Ginger blend. This is a mix of ginger root, black pepper, white pepper, pink peppercorns, and stevia for sweetness. Let’s give it a shot!

Whew…this is not “super” at all. I was expecting something nice and spicy, but this didn’t even give me a tingle! This is very weak in terms of flavor, although the ginger was nice and warming. This just did not deliver for me. Your mileage may vary.

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Episode 362: Midsummer Night’s Dream

I’m starting to warm up a bit to DAVIDsTEA’s blends. Take for instance this Midsummer Night’s Dream. This sour fruity-smelling blend is a mix of spearmint, apple, rose, and gooseberries. I’ve never had a gooseberry before, so I’m really interested to see how this will taste!

Tangy! That’s the best way I can describe it. The spearmint and gooseberry combine to produce a nice clean fruity taste with a bit of tartness. Great as a hot tea, but I think it would do really well as an iced tea with this combination of flavors. I’ll definitely get some more of this!

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Episode 365: The Buzz

It’s the last tea of the year, so I want to go off on a high note with DAVIDsTEA’s energetic blend called “The Buzz”. This maté blend includes guarana and ginseng for that extra jolt of energy, along with fruit flavors from apple, orange, lemon, and quince. What better time to get energized than before the beginning of a new year?

The ginseng in this blend provides a nice prickly little note in the background of each sip. The spiciness is reminiscent of ginger, and the orange and lemon provide a good complement to the maté. Overall, it’s pretty good. And it did give me a buzz!

Look how far we’ve come, y’all. This has been such a fun journey, and I hope this project has helped you gain a new appreciation for tea!

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