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cocoa – The Year of Tea

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Episode 026: My Morning Maté

Two Teavana teas in a row! (Bear with me — I’m trying to add some variety in here.) Chocolate was on my mind this morning, so I brewed up a cup of Teavana’s My Morning Maté.

This blend is a mix of roasted maté and rooibos along with a big punch of chocolate in the form of cocoa kernels, chocolate, chips, and carob bits. The result is a great full-bodied cup that’s perfect for kickstarting you in the morning. If you’re trying to wean yourself off of coffee, give this blend a shot! I think you’ll like it!

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Episode 038: Black Coconut

Surprise! It’s another tea from Just Add Honey! I get these in my semi-monthly CSA pack. Their black coconut blend has a lot of great ingredients — black tea, honeybush (for sweetness), cocoa, coconut…and apple?

Even with that odd addition, this is a pretty satisfying cup for morning or after-drinner drinking. Take the coconut flavor to the next level by sweetening this with palm sugar and adding coconut milk! Dessert in a glass!

Purchase Just Add Honey’s Black Coconut

Episode 110: Chocolate Delight

Now y’all know I’m not a huge fan of chocolate teas, so I wasn’t really sure if I’d enjoy Just Add Honey’s Chocolate Delight. But there’s a secret ingredient in this blend that completely won me over — barley!

It sounds weird, but the barley adds a starchy, malty quality which elevates this chocolate tea to something more decadent and substantial. Add a bit of milk to really bring everything together! Delicious!

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Episode 267: Basil Mint Pu’erh

If you’re a fan of loose leaf teas, you know it can be pretty easy to rag on the quality of bagged teas. I’ve gotta say though — pretty much every bagged tea I’ve had from Numi Organic Teas has had great flavor, and this Basil Mint Pu’erh is no exception.

Basil and mint are already harmonious flavors, and they add a sprightly kick to this pu’erh blend. There’s some slight chocolate notes to the pu’erh as well, which makes this a bit like drinking a Thin Mint cookie. Can’t be mad at that!

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Episode 296: Vanilla Mint Chai

Vanilla and mint are two flavors which really go well together. And considering I’ve reviewed some vanilla mint combo teas on the show before, I think I know what I’m getting into. But adding chai spices to the mix along with a pu’erh base is quite intriguing. Let’s give this a try!

It’s a great vanilla mint tea with hints of chocolate from the pu’erh. But where’s the chai spice? Nowhere to be found. Kind of sad, but I would’ve liked to have actually tasted that. Oh well.

Purchase Rishi Tea’s Vanilla Mint Chai