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chrysanthemum – The Year of Tea

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Episode 249: Pomegranate Detox

Tea Drift sent over a few samples of their tea line for me to try out, and TYOT patron Erica M. suggested trying out their Pomegranate Detox first. This is a lively blend of oolong tea, pomegranate, yuzu berry, and golden chrysanthemum.

Despite the name, the pomegranate flavor is really not here. Even still, it’s a good tea! The chrysanthemum provides a light honey flavor, and the yuzu gives a clean citrus-y taste with no bitterness. Great as an iced tea too!

(BTW, have you become a patron of The Year of Tea yet? Do it today!)

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Episode 257: Amaranth Mushroom

Don’t let the name of this blooming tea scare you off — the “mushroom” in Tea Laden’s Amaranth Mushroom refers to the shape of the tea bloom. Jasmine-scented green tea is woven around a chrysanthemum and an amaranth flower to create this unique shape.

This little baby is packing a punch of flavor! The jasmine is sweet and floral, with accents of honey from the chrysanthemum. Try it out today!

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Episode 292: Summer Chamomile Medley

Fall is definitely here, but I still need one last taste of summer. Right now, I’ll settle for this Summer Chamomile Medley blend from Verdant Tea (courtesy of Steepster). Usually chamomile isn’t my cup of tea, but this includes a ton of tasty inclusions — goji berries, lemongrass, tulsi rama, chrysanthemum, dandelion, and more.

It certainly looks like chamomile when it brews, but I certainly don’t taste it! Its honeyed sweetness accentuates the berries in the blend, and the lemongrass gives a nice clean finish. This would be amazing as an iced tea as well! Get the recipe here!

Episode 357: Lavender Jasmine Maté

Metolius Artisan Tea’s Lavender Jasmine Maté includes chrysanthemum blossoms and lemongrass along with the blend’s signature elements. There’s also coconut in here which…is odd. They say it gives the tea a nice body, but will that also affect the taste?

The flowers and lemongrass do a good job of cutting out the grassiness of the maté, but there is just a hint of coconut in here that gives the blend a weird aftertaste. My suggestion? Nix the coconut — the blend doesn’t need it.

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