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Episode 189: Gold Peak Sweet Tea

Oh, looks like we have another soft drink brand’s tea offering — Gold Peak Sweet Tea from Coca-Cola. Will this be better than the other two bottled teas I tried earlier? Let’s see!

This has more sugar than the Pure Leaf Sweet Tea I tried earlier, and you can definitely taste it! Pure Gold has nailed that slightly caramel taste that you get from Southern-style sweet tea when the sugar is included during the steeping process and not added afterwards.

That being said…this tastes to me like how I expect sweet tea to taste. We have a winner!

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Episode 219: Honeybush

Out of all the tea types I’ve reviewed on here, I’ve tried honeybush the least. Don’t blame me though! A lot of the vendors I’ve gotten tea from for the show don’t carry it, but I’m glad to try this plain honeybush offering from Numi Organic Tea.

So what does honeybush taste like? Honey, not surprisingly. But there’s also a nice natural caramel sweetness with a bit of a root beer-ish aftertaste. It’s impossible to oversteep, caffeine free, and a great tea hot or iced. Kids love it too!

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Episode 271: White Wedding

If you let Billy Joel tell it, it’s a nice day for a white wedding. For me, it’s a nice day for The Tea Spot’s White Wedding tea! What I love about this blend is that it smells like wedding cake!

In terms of taste, delicate white tea, jasmine, and chestnuts come together and create a really floral and sweet cup. Make sure you brew it at the right temperature for the right time to get the best flavor!

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Episode 280: Paris

Ooh la la! Today, we are visiting France with this Harney & Sons blend called Paris. There’s not a lot of detail about this tea — “a blend of black teas with natural vanilla, fruit and citrus flavors”, according to Harney & Sons — but it’s supposed to be evocative of the City of Lights.

I think it smells better than it tastes. Paris has a rich, warm, and creamy smell like vanilla or sherbet. Taste-wise…it’s just a black tea with vanilla and some indeterminate fruity flavor. Bergamot, perhaps? I couldn’t tell, honestly. Quel dommage.

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Episode 289: Miniature Golden Pagoda

Neat little shape for a blooming tea, isn’t it? Yes, this little cone is Tea Laden’s Miniature Golden Pagoda, and it’s rare for a blooming tea because it’s made up of black tea. Each cone is meant to bloom in a cup or small teapot, so it’s pretty easy to use.

The taste on this is pretty mellow for a black tea. It’s got a nice smooth taste with notes of caramel and a slightly coppery aftertaste. It stands up fairly well to multiple brewings as well. For the price, this is something you want to keep stocked in your tea stash!

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