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Episode 125: Beautiful Light

I’m really enjoying this unique blend from Design A Tea titled Beautiful Light. This custom blend is a mix of rooibos, vanilla, almond, ginger, and calendula petals. It’s a bagged tea, per se, but it’s actually loose leaf tea in a handy T-Sac.

This was a really enjoyable cup of tea! Lots of flavor in every sip, although the vanilla did sort of overpower the ginger and gave more of a caramel taste to the cup. I would’ve liked a bit more of a ginger punch. This particular custom blend is not for sale, but Hibiscus Healing has a ginger vanilla rooibos blend that looks like a good substitute.

Episode 220: Monk’s Blend

This Monk’s Blend tea from Shasta Loose Leaf Teas must be a pretty common blend. While doing my research, I easily found over a dozen other vendors selling the exact same blend ingredient for ingredient. In some cases, they even used the same descriptions! And here I thought Etsy products were by makers, not takers.

Copycat behavior aside, I have to say that this blend is really just kinda average. The Ceylon base is malty and brassy, and the grenadine and vanilla flavors give the blend a bit of a sharp aftertaste. Overall…it’s not that great. Do monasteries even have grenadine?

Purchase Shasta Loose Leaf Teas’ Monk’s Blend

Episode 247: Mango Vanilla Green Tea

Let’s keep this green tea train going! Next up is a tea blend I mixed up over at Design A Tea — mango vanilla. Based on what’s in the supplied teabag here, there’s green tea, calendula petals, and some bits of candied mango.

Overall, the vanilla taste is strong throughout this blend. It’s nice and toasty when hot, and deepens into a cream flavor when iced. But what’s missing here is the mango! There’s just a faint whisper of this in the background. That’s not a dealbreaker, but if you’ve got some candied mango bits lying around, chuck those in while brewing to amp up the flavor.

Episode 251: Pancake Breakfast Black Tea

I had pancakes on the brain this morning. But since I’m out of Bisquick and didn’t have time to whip up something from scratch, I turned to 52teas’ Pancake Breakfast Black Tea. One whiff of this blend and you’ll swear there’s a fresh stack of flapjacks with butter and syrup right under your nose.

In terms of taste, they really got that starchy pancake flavor, along with hints of maple and butter. It might be better to understeep this to get more flavor and less bitterness, because the threshold is pretty small. Otherwise, it’s a nice addition to the category of breakfast teas!