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cacao – The Year of Tea

Tag: cacao

Episode 032: Murmur

Chocolate teas can be super hit or miss (I mean, why not just drink hot cocoa, right?), but Handmade Tea has a winner here with their Murmur blend.

They’ve used flowery bai mu dan as a base, and added in freeze-dried strawberries and cacao nibs. The result is a nice, tasty cup without the heaviness or muddiness that you’d normally get from a chocolate tea. Best of all, you can probably get all these ingredients from Whole Foods and re-create the blend yourself! (Which is good since Handmade Tea doesn’t sell this blend anymore.)

Episode 095: Almond Happiness

Almond Joy is my favorite candy bar. There’s something about that delicious mix of dark chocolate and coconut that I’ve loved since I was a kid. So I was really happy to find a similar thing in tea form in Zoomdweebie’s Almond Happiness.

However, it didn’t feel like Zoomdweebie’s really took those flavors far enough for me. It’s a great black tea with hints of coconut and chocolate, but it’s no Almond Joy in a cup. It’s still pleasant though. Try adding some almond milk to punch up the almond flavor!

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Episode 097: Brownie Batter Honeybush

Zoomdweebie’s Brownie Batter Honeybush sounds like a chocolate lover’s dream! Naturally sweet honeybush is blended with cacao nibs, chocolate chips, chocolate flavoring, and even more chocolate.

I really enjoyed this tea! The brownie batter flavor is there as a subtle note, so don’t oversweeten this or you’ll drown it out. Brew it around 190 like you would an oolong, but drink it around 165 to 170 degrees to get the best flavor.

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Episode 124: Cherry Garcia

Cherry Garcia is one of Ben & Jerry’s most recognized flavors (and my personal favorite). Zoomdweebie’s tries their hand at
recreating this with their Cherry Garcia blend of black tea, cacao nibs, and freeze dried cherries.

I think because I’m used to this as a cold flavor, drinking this hot doesn’t really do it for me. I found that once it cooled down to about 140 degrees, it was perfect. The chocolate and cherries mix well with the tea, and it’s nicely balanced.

Zoomdweebie’s doesn’t sell this blend anymore, but The Republic of Tea’s Jerry Cherry looks like a good substitute.