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Episode 293: Lung Ching

Harney & Sons Lung Ching — also known as longjing or dragonwell — is one of the most well known Chinese green teas out there. The shape of the leaves in the blend while brewing are said to resemble a Chinese dragon.

Taste-wise, it’s a nice grassy brew with a bit of sweetness and a slightly nutty aftertaste (kind of like walnuts). This can be an expensive tea, but if you can grab a sample of this, I definitely recommend adding it to your green tea collection!

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Episode 347: Beet Cabbage

I’ve really been kind of dreading trying this tea blend from Numi Organic Tea, but I’m going to soldier on and make it happen. This Beet Cabbage blend has a black tea and honeybush base and includes apple, mustard seed, parsley, orange, coriander, and clove.

Despite my disgust of both beets and cabbage, this blend is actually very true to its intended flavor profile. The brew is a gorgeous ruby color, and the apple and honeybush really bring out the sweetness of the beets. (The cabbage, of course, tastes like cabbage.) Dare I say that this is the truest to form of all of Numi Organic Tea’s savory teas?

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