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butter – The Year of Tea

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Episode 143: Butterbeer Iced Tea

I had no idea what “butterbeer” was prior to trying this tea. I mean, I’ve heard of putting butter in coffee and butter in tea, but butter in beer? Turns out this is a drink in the Harry Potter series, which means I’ve lost about a million geek points for not catching the reference.

Nerdery aside, I really enjoyed this tea blend! I’m picking up a bit of butteriness (butterscotch, perhaps?), along with some root beer, chicory, and licorice flavors. In that regard, it’s a bit similar to Southern Boy Iced Teas’ root beer float iced tea, but without vanilla. It’s nice and smooth and perfect for the summer. Try it today!

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Episode 236: Garlic Toast Iced Tea

I’ve haven’t had this Garlic Toast Iced Tea from Southern Boy Teas in my collection very long, but after trying that carrot curry tea, I figured this would be a great time to give this a try. I mean, I’ve had some odd flavored teas in the past, but garlic toast?

I know it sounds weird, but this is a pretty tasty tea! While it does smell just like freshly-baked garlic toast, the flavor of the tea is mellow and sweet with a slight bit of pungency. The black tea is a perfect base, and prevents this from tasting like…well…garlic toast. If you’re feeling adventurous, give this a try!

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Episode 251: Pancake Breakfast Black Tea

I had pancakes on the brain this morning. But since I’m out of Bisquick and didn’t have time to whip up something from scratch, I turned to 52teas’ Pancake Breakfast Black Tea. One whiff of this blend and you’ll swear there’s a fresh stack of flapjacks with butter and syrup right under your nose.

In terms of taste, they really got that starchy pancake flavor, along with hints of maple and butter. It might be better to understeep this to get more flavor and less bitterness, because the threshold is pretty small. Otherwise, it’s a nice addition to the category of breakfast teas!

Episode 352: Imperial Blend

Someone from Wooree Tea in New Zealand contacted me and sent a sample of their Imperial Blend to try on the show. I was very intrigued, mainly because this is a South Korean tea (and I’ve never had South Korean tea). Thanks for sending this so I can squeeze it in before the end of the show!

After a not-so-great green tea recently, I’m glad to have something to really reset my palette. The taste on this is nice and smooth with some buttery sweetness reminiscent of young steamed veggies like green beans. Great mouthfeel, though I don’t know how well this might stand up to multiple steeps. Either way, this one’s a winner!

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