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blueberry – Page 2 – The Year of Tea

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Episode 151: Wildberries Iced Tea

Zoomdweebie’s Wildberries Iced Tea has a lot of berry flavor — blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and more. I haven’t had an iced green tea since Austin, so this was a really refreshing change of pace.

Even with all the berries in this mix, they blend together pretty nicely! I really like that you can taste the different berries throughout each sip — strawberry and raspberry at the beginning, blackberry, blueberry and the others at the end. I’ve got a link to purchase this at Zoomdweebie’s, but soon you’ll be able to get this from the new Southern Boy Iced Teas website!

Purchase Zoomdweebie’s Wildberries Iced Tea

Episode 182: Cantaloupe and Berries

It’s July 1, and we’ve reached the halfway mark for The Year of Tea! To celebrate, I’m pouring up a big tall glass of iced tea courtesy of Southern Boy Teas. The flavor? Cantaloupe and berries.

This sencha green tea blend has a lot of berry flavor, and the butteriness of the green tea goes really well with the hint of cantaloupe. It’s just perfect for a hot summer day like today. Let’s toast to the second half of this tea discovery journey!

Purchase Southern Boy Teas Cantaloupe and Berries

Episode 183: Wild Berry Zinger

I’ll level with you — I’m getting a little tired of the overabundance of hibiscus in herbal teas. Specifically, I’m tired of the overabundance of hibiscus in this herbal tea — Celestial Seasonings’ Wild Berry Zinger.

Aside from the hibiscus flavor, the only thing that stands out is the sour, tangy orange aftertaste when hot. It really doesn’t taste too far off from Pomegranate Pizzazz. Or Tazo Passion. I will say this — it makes for a pretty tasty iced tea. So if you do pick this up, iced is the way to go.

Purchase Celestial Seasonings’ Wild Berry Zinger

Episode 209: AriZona Blueberry White Tea

Flavored white tea is a bit of a crap shoot. By itself, white tea has a nice, delicate flavor. Depending on the fruit that’s added, you could just end up with fruit juice instead of a fruity-flavored tea.

AriZona’s blueberry white tea is somewhere between these two extremes. Not quite tea, but not super fruity either. The eerie indigo bottle is an interesting touch though.

Purchase AriZona’s Blueberry White Tea (6 Pack)

Episode 227: True Blueberry

Celestial Seasonings True Blueberry might be the best blueberry bagged tea I’ve ever tasted! I don’t know how the original blend might’ve tasted, but since the package says this blend is bursting with more fruit flavor, I’m guessing this is a definite upgrade.

Although this blend has the usual trio of herbal tea suspects from Celestial Seasonings (hibiscus, rose hips, orange peel), there’s enough blueberry flavor from the other ingredients to give this tea a nice, juicy taste. Try it iced — it’s even better!

Purchase Celestial Seasonings’ True Blueberry Herbal Tea