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Episode 096: Organic Mint Melange

Oh goody…another mint tea. Hear me out though — Mighty Leaf’s Organic Mint Melange sounds like it might be more than what you think just from the name alone.

And yet, that’s where it falls flat (to me, that is). Putting “melange” in the name makes you think you’re getting a mix of mints, when in actuality, it’s just a plain ass cup of spearmint tea. Why you gotta lie, Mighty Leaf? That’s mighty dishonest of you. NEXT!

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Episode 099: Prince of Wales

It’s about time I got around to drinking some proper British tea, eh wot wot? (Forgive the bad accent, y’all.) Today I am sampling Twinings Prince of Wales.

The blend is a mix of Chinese and black teas from the Jiangxi, Anhui, Yunnan, and Hunan provinces. And for a bagged tea, it’s a pretty good cup! It’s a mellow and mild blend that would be great for morning drinking. There is a slightly coppery aftertaste, but I’d imagine a splash of milk or cream would cut right through that. Try it today!

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Episode 100: Luzianne Iced Tea

Episode 100 is dedicated to the iced tea brand I grew up drinking — Luzianne. It’s “specially blended for iced tea” with a mix of orange pekoe and pekoe cut black teas.

Because the blend is more for iced tea, that’s how I prefer to drink it. (I think we all know regular supermarket black tea can be kind of lackluster.) As an iced tea, Luzianne has a hint of bitterness with an overall sweet and mellow finish. It’s perfect by itself, with a slice of lemon, or even with a splash of bourbon. You really can’t go wrong with this tea.

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Episode 107: Lady Grey

Today I’m sampling one of Twinings’ “classic” teas — Lady Grey. I’m using classic liberally here considering this variety was invented a little less than 20 years ago. Earl Grey is ligthened up a bit with the addition of lemon and orange peel, as well as cornflower.

While the lemon and orange do make for a brighter, crisper cup of tea, they also contribute a bit of a soapy aftertaste. I’m not sure if this is present is in the loose leaf blend, but the bagged tea definitely tastes a bit flat and uninspiring.

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