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acai – The Year of Tea

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Episode 098: Youthberry/Wild Orange Blossom

Teavana really loves these fruity tea blends, and Youthberry/Wild Orange Blossom is no exception. I’ve reviewed Youthberry before, so I was interested to see what Wild Orange Blossom would bring in terms of a flavor profile (besides orange, duh).

It’s very floral and sweet, and that’s not just because of the addition of rock sugar. I did pick up a bit of a sour, tart aftertaste (maybe from that big hunk of orange slice), but I imagine this would be just as good hot as it would be iced. Give it a try!

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Episode 226: Marvelberry Tea

Marvelberry sounds like something you’d find in a comic book, doesn’t it? Well face front, true believer, because M&K’s Marvelberry Tea is here to save the day! This is a blend of green tea and a number of different exotic berries — acai, yumberry, and hawthorne!

This tea is packing some seriously complex berry flavor! It’s juicy, fruity, slightly spicy, and great hot or iced. Actually, you know what this tea really tastes like? Grape soda!

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Episode 337: Acaí Mango Zinger

Celestial Seasonings’ Acaí Mango Zinger is a tropical entry into their famous Zinger line of herbal teas. These blends often have the trio of orange peel, rosehips and hibiscus to support the named flavor of the blend.

In this case, these three flavors win out and drown out what little mango and acaí are supposed to be present. It’s good as an iced tea, but you could find better options out there.

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