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Episode 217: Graveyard Mist

52Teas is back! (Although if you’ve listened to this show from the beginning, they’ve never really left.) They’re back in the land of the living with this aptly named blend — Graveyard Mist. The blend is a mix of two green teas (sencha, lu shan yun wu), marshmallow root, and spearmint.

The taste is minty, marshmallow-y, but mellow. The spearmint really stands out the most here, with the marshmallow providing a nice creamy note. Even hot, it’s a very cooling tea. It’s an interesting mix of flavors, and that’s something that’s been 52Teas’ signature from the very beginning. Check the TYOT Instagram page for more teas from 52Teas!

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Episode 251: Pancake Breakfast Black Tea

I had pancakes on the brain this morning. But since I’m out of Bisquick and didn’t have time to whip up something from scratch, I turned to 52teas’ Pancake Breakfast Black Tea. One whiff of this blend and you’ll swear there’s a fresh stack of flapjacks with butter and syrup right under your nose.

In terms of taste, they really got that starchy pancake flavor, along with hints of maple and butter. It might be better to understeep this to get more flavor and less bitterness, because the threshold is pretty small. Otherwise, it’s a nice addition to the category of breakfast teas!

Episode 261: Cinnamon Roll Honeybush

I’m usually not big on breakfast pastries, but I do love a nice cinnamon roll on a cold morning. It’s not cold yet, but I was still in the mood for some cinnamon goodness and I decided to brew up a cup of 52Teas’ Cinnamon Roll Honeybush.

It’s not a bad tea, but I think it’s better at room temperature (or maybe even iced). As a hot tea, the cinnamon kind of overpowers any other lingering flavors, and just ends up tasting like a cup of cinnamon tea. Try it out for yourself!

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Episode 270: Sun and Cloud Mist Green Tea

52Teas’ Sun and Cloud Mist Green Tea sounds like a weather forecast. The “sun” is provided by all the lemony inclusions — lemon balm, lemon verbena, lemongrass, and lemon myrtle. The “cloud mist” is from the Wun Yu green tea.

It’s a lovely tea blend in theory, but the addition of marshmallow root is a sad, sugary raincloud that drowns out the brightness of the lemon and the green tea. Try it iced — it’s a much better cup of tea that way!

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