Episode 350: 2015 Loose Sheng


I’ve raved a bit in the past about Verdant Tea because 1) the tea tastes phenomenal and 2) the tea is super fresh. Take this 2015 Loose Sheng, for example. This is a little over a month old as of this tasting! And get this — it comes from 300 year old tea trees in Qianjiazhai — home of the oldest tea forest in the world! Let’s give this a taste!

After a quick 20 second steep (I love that!), the resulting brew is really brimming with flavor. I’m picking up hints of crisp apple with a bit of herbiness, and an aftertaste that’s a bit like a honeyed cream. As it cools, more of that cream flavor blooms throughout the tea. It’s really something you’ve got to taste for yourself. Mmm!

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