Episode 196: Rainforest Chai


I’ve had my fair share of chai teas — most from Zoomdweebie’s, actually — so I guess it’s not too surprising that Zoomdweebie’s Rainforest Chai ended up in my sights. This blend is a mix of guayusa along with a traditional blend of spices found in chai tea (cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cloves).

The pepperiness of the guayusa and the deep spiciness of the clove come together and give a bit of a dirty taste to this blend. Dirty as in…it tastes like dirt. I didn’t find that to be too bad, but I could see how someone might be turned off by that.

While this particular blend isn’t sold by this company, Stash Tea Company’s Guayusa and Chai Tea looks like a great substitute.