Episode 365: The Buzz

It’s the last tea of the year, so I want to go off on a high note with DAVIDsTEA’s energetic blend called “The Buzz”. This maté blend includes guarana and ginseng for that extra jolt of energy, along with fruit flavors from apple, orange, lemon, and quince. What better time to get energized than before the beginning of a new year?

The ginseng in this blend provides a nice prickly little note in the background of each sip. The spiciness is reminiscent of ginger, and the orange and lemon provide a good complement to the maté. Overall, it’s pretty good. And it did give me a buzz!

Look how far we’ve come, y’all. This has been such a fun journey, and I hope this project has helped you gain a new appreciation for tea!

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Episode 364: Hojicha

I’ve run the gamut of green tea grades and types on this show, but haven’t had a chance to try a straight up hojicha until now. (Better late than never, amirite?) Hojicha is made from bancha or kukicha that’s been roasted over charcoal, so you can expect some smoky notes in here as well. Let’s get to brewing!

Mmm…this would make a really good after-dinner tea. The taste is smooth and rich with no kind of astringency. I’m also picking up a light hint of cinnamon as an aftertaste, which is a nice touch. I like it!

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Episode 363: Vanilla Jasmine

I’ve reviewed some root beer flavored blends before, and this vanilla jasmine from Golden Moon Tea sort of falls into that mix. It’s a mix of black tea and green jasmine tea along with organic bourbon vanilla beans which gives this blend its flavor.

It certainly smells like vanilla (with a touch of jasmine), but in terms of taste, it’s more of that vanilla/black tea/root beer flavor that I mentioned before. It would have been good to have some more of that jasmine flavor here, but it gets lost in the brew. I’d maybe add a bit of milk and cream to round out the flavors, but overall…it’s just okay.

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Episode 362: Midsummer Night’s Dream

I’m starting to warm up a bit to DAVIDsTEA’s blends. Take for instance this Midsummer Night’s Dream. This sour fruity-smelling blend is a mix of spearmint, apple, rose, and gooseberries. I’ve never had a gooseberry before, so I’m really interested to see how this will taste!

Tangy! That’s the best way I can describe it. The spearmint and gooseberry combine to produce a nice clean fruity taste with a bit of tartness. Great as a hot tea, but I think it would do really well as an iced tea with this combination of flavors. I’ll definitely get some more of this!

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Episode 361: Honey Citrus Raspberry

I’ve spoken before on how raspberry can be a hard flavor to place with tea. M&K’s Tea Company’s Honey Citrus Raspberry blends raspberry leaf with hibiscus, green tea, honey, and a melange of citrus flavors.

I love how this all comes together to create a well-balanced cup! I get nice top notes of honey, a little zing from the citrus, and you can actually taste the green tea (which I was worried about with all these flavors). Not too shabby!

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